Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

1.1 ATSAWAG is committed to protect the privacy of the members of our platform on the internet. In this policy, we will explain how your personal information is processed.

1.2 We will ask you to agree on our use of cookies, as per the terms of this policy. When you use our platform on the internet and agree to this policy, you give us a permission to use the cookies according to the terms of this policy.

2. Personal Data Collection:

2.1 We may collect and save the following types of information:

a. All information about number of visits from your account and other information including but not limited to IP address, geographical location, type and version of the operating system and browser, visit period, pages and paths of navigation in the platform.

b. Any information you provide upon registration on our platform on the internet, including the e-mail address.

c. Any information you provided upon completion of creating your account on our platform including the name, gender, date of birth, hobbies, educational status and work details

d. Any information you provide to subscribe in email notifications and/ or newsletters, including name and e-mail address.

e. Any information you provide upon using our services on ATSAWAG.

f. Any information related to your purchases including name, address, GEO location/s, telephone number and e-mail address.

g. Any information given in any communication between you and any of ATSAWAG applications (including the call content and the associated metadata thereof).

h. Any other personal information you may choose to send us.

i. Any details other than the personal information collected.

j. ATSAWAG will not save or use any of the data of the credit cards or ATM cards of the customer.

2.2 Before you disclose any third party personal information to us, you should obtain their approval to such disclosure and to process such information in accordance with our policy.

3. Use of Personal Information

3.1 The personal information provided to us through ATSAWAG platform will be used for the purposes prescribed in this policy or on the relevant platform pages.

3.2 We may use your personal information to:

a. Manage our platform and the business, services and transactions of the platform;

b. Personalize our online platform and your account;

c. Enable you to use the services made available on our platform;

d. Send the items purchased through our platform;

e. Provide the services requested through our platform;

f. Send data, invoices and payment reminder letters (if exists) to you and collect payments from you;

g. Send commercial non-marketing messages;

h. Send e-mails and notices;

i. Send our newsletter via email. (if you do not want to receive such messages, you can ask us to cancel this function at any time);

j. Send messages or emails or similar technologies related to our business or sister companies which we think will be useful for you. (if you do not want us to send such messages, you may inform us to cancel such function at any time);

k. Provide third parties with statistical information about our users, (any third party will not be able to identify any user by such information);

l. Deal with inquiries and complaints provided from or related to our platform;

m. Keep our platform safe and prevent fraud;

n. Verify compliance with terms and conditions that regulate the use of our platform, (including monitoring private messages sent through our message service on the platform); and

o. Any other uses.

3.3 If you provide personal information to be posted on our platform, we will post and use such information in accordance with the authorization you give us by approving this policy.

3.4 We will not provide any third party with your personal information without an express consent from you for any purpose other than direct marketing.

3.5 All financial transactions are conducted by the provider of payment services (TAP COMPANY). You can review the privacy policy of the payment services provider on their website, and we will share information with our payment service provider to the extent required for the purposes of processing the amounts you pay through our platform, refund such payments and deal with complaints and inquiries related to such payments and reimbursable payments.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

4.1 We may disclose your personal information to any of the employees, officers, insurers, technical consultants, agents, suppliers or subcontractors to the extent required for the purposes set forth in this policy.

4.2 We may disclose your personal information:

a. To the extent we are required to do under the law;

b. In respect of any present or expected legal procedures from or on the platform; and

c. For executing, practicing or defending our legal rights (including provision of information to others for the purposes of preventing fraud and reducing risks).

4.3 Except as stipulated in this policy, we will not provide your personal information to any third party for any purposes other than marketing and to the best of your interest.

5. Transnational Information Transfer

5.1 The information we or any of our sister companies collect and process may be stored and transferred to any of the countries where we work or deal with in order to make use of it according to this policy.

5.2 You hereby expressly agree to transfer the personal information described in this policy.

6. Saving Personal Information

6.1 This policy sets the mechanism of saving data and procedures, which were designed to help ensuring our implementation of our legal obligations in respect of reserving the right and deleting personal information.

6.2 Our processing of personal information for any purpose(s) may not be extended for longer time more than what is necessary for this purpose(s).

6.3 Notwithstanding of other terms set out in this policy, we may save and keep documents (including e-document) which contain the personal data:

a. To the extent required by law;

b. If we deemed that the documents are related to any of the pending or threatening proceedings;

c. For initiating, practicing or defending our legal rights (including provision of information to others for the purposes of preventing fraud and reducing risks).

7. Personal Information Security

7.1 We will take technical and organizational precautions of prevention of losing, abusing or changing your personal information.

7.2 We guarantee that all personal information provided by you will be stored on protected servers (With security parameters such as firewalls, complex passwords, antiviruses and secure connections).

7.3 All financial e-transactions or e-payment cards data used in ATSAWAG platform is routed securely to a third-party payment gateway that is protected through encryption technology.

7.4 You hereby acknowledge that transferring data through the internet is not mainly safe, and we cannot warrant the safety and security of the data sent via the internet. Therefore, kindly avoid sending any sensitive data of financial nature to us via the internet.

7.5 You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the password you use for accessing our platform, and we will not ask you by email or by phone call or by SMS to provide your password, you will be requested to write the password only when you login to ATSAWAG platform.

7.6 You are responsible for ensuring that you are using your ATSAWAG username or password in only genuine applications or portals of ATSAWAG platform.